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Kim is an English artist working within her studios here in the

South West of France.

Kim draws inspiration from the paintings of 17th century Dutch Masters. Artworks with dark backgrounds, deep colours and strong light.

Kim’s own paintings though exhibit a wholly contemporary engagement. She has a unique and captivating style, working with acrylics. Her artworks evoke energy through her use of light and shade, and her compositions give a strong sense of capturing a moment, within a space. Whilst inspired to use local fresh fruit and vegetables, she elevates their own particular character and beauty with subtle applications and layers of colour.

Kim's artworks are exhibited in the United Kingdom and France.


13 & 14 Juillet 2024 

Les arts au Jardin

Bonnes sur Domme

Charente 16390

10h - 19h

21 Juillet - 1Aout 2024

Les Artistes Pourpres

Salle de Carbonnier

Castillonnes 47330

10h - 18h 

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